Birth You Desire

Make informed choices in order to have the birth you desire.

Your birth. Your way.


Are you looking for someone to guide you through the process of creating a childbirth experience that is just right for you?


Whether you are lucky to be low risk, or working hard to manage a high risk pregnancy, you may feel you need someone in your corner to give you the personalized education and support to make your childbirth experience meaningful for YOU. I have experience working with families birthing inside and outside of hospitals, and with all different types of birth options regarding pain relief, vaginal/Caesarean birth, water birth, etc.


For most of my clients, the first step is attending a comprehensive natural childbirth classes that offer complete childbirth education. No matter what your goals are, women and their partners benefit greatly from these empowering classes, where the focus is on educating parents about their choices and how to work with the woman's body, in order to have the birth you desire.

Birth Doula services are available for those families who desire more one on one support during labor, birth and post-partum.  Doulas do not replace the partner but compliment them and the medical team allowing for a smoother transition from pregnancy to parenthood.


I offer natural childbirth classes and birth services in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. My goal is to help you toward a safe, healthy, and joyous birth.  

Birth is a right of passage. By working together we can make sure everyone is treated fairly, supported and empowered on the journey.

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