Birth You Desire's Babies

Birth You Desire’s babies are a precious gift and are named with intention. We are honored to have worked with the families of these babies. We honor each bf them by highlighting their names.

Father Cradling Newborn Baby

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element List of 2017 Babies element-r

List of 2017 Babies

Jaime Alfred

Evelyn Frances

Natalie Bailee

Ada Metis

Lane Robert

Shelby Gracelyn

William August

Lucy Corinne

Ivy Caroline

Nicholas Roman


Joseph Peter

Avid Singer

Ella Rose

Julia Josephine

Liana Grace

Elijah Mikhail

Owen Michael

Magnolia Bugbee

William August


Nils Lukas

Desmond Frank

Nadia Misha

Elijah Mikhail

Jonas Matthew

Aspen Marie

Philip Spyros

Jayden Edmonds

Jesse Prince

Lillian Caroline

Olivia Jade

Chloe Lola

Nicholas Lee

Carolyn Marie

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