Birth You Desire's Babies

Birth You Desire’s babies are a precious gift and are named with intention. We are honored to have worked with the families of these babies. We honor each bf them by highlighting their names.

Father Cradling Newborn Baby

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element List of 2018 Babies element-r

List of 2018 Babies

Mavi Mira

Siddhi Kapoor

Rosemarie Athena

Remy Jamison

Arda Dallas

Sloane Christine

Samuel Max

Logan James

Etta Marie

Leo Steven

Thomas Joseph

Francesca Kenny

Jafniel Damir

Cole Parker

Sayer Sterling


Ori Levi

Gabriel Rye

Charlotte Anh

Sayer Sterling

Shoshanna Singer

Noah Adams

Margaret Rose

Allison Catherine

James Bransford V



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