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Fertility is Not Just a Woman’s Issue:  Choices in Planning Your Conception

Fertility is Not Just a Woman’s Issue: Choices in Planning Your Conception

When couple’s choice to delay conception there is a correlation in a delay or decline in their fertility, making it harder to get pregnant.  Additionally having a baby later in life can increase the risk for pregnancy complications.   When planning lives or families, it’s important to know that women are half as fertile at age 30 as they were at 20. And 1/4 as fertile at 35 making them 1/8 as fertile at 40 than when they were 20.
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4 Energy Boosters in Pregnancy

Are you familiar with the pregnancy image of fatigue woman, and sitting around eating chocolate? This is an inaccurate representation of pregnancy do’s that should really be don’ts.  The truth is that nearly every pregnant woman experiences a decrease in energy at some point during her pregnancy, but it is not permanent. There are ways to boost energy levels and keep strong throughout your pregnancy until you give birth.
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Preventing & Treating Perineal Tearing and Stitches

Preventing & Treating Perineal Tearing and Stitches

For many Birth You Desire clients one of the most dreaded outcomes of childbirth are perineal tears or repairs due to an episiotomy.  Perineal trauma is when the area between the vaginally opening and the anus is damaged, either torn or cut during childbirth. Perineal lacerations during childbirth affect more than 65% of women in the United States.  These lacerations range from minor to more significant repairs. Some women report long-term effects ranging from healing, scaring, and pain.
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Handling Stress in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Handling Stress in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy and bringing your newborn home may offer some new challenges and many blessings.  The stress of strangers asking you personal questions and feeling out of control in your own rapidly changing body can be a very real challenge.  Bringing a new baby home to feed, diaper, and care for is yet another challenge.  No matter how well prepared you are there is always something unexpected to deal with.
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