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Will Herbal Supplements Improve Your Fertility?

Will Herbal Supplements Improve Your Fertility?

Women have been relying on herbal remedies to support fertility for many, many years. In fact, there were entire books devoted to the use of herbal remedies that Colonial women relied on in the 1600-1700’s. A quick Google search will show that alternatives to traditional medicine are touted to treat anything from cancer, heartburn, low sex drive or even asthma. Herbal remedies promising to treat or improve fertility in both men and women are also popular. This is especially true as the costs of fertility treatments continues to rise.

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Preparing the Family for a New Addition

There are several things parents can do to minimize the stress of a newborn.  By preparing the family, you can help your child adjust to necessary change even before you bring the baby home.  Siblings can become excited, prepared and welcoming with these simple steps.

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Meet Ursula

Welcome to Birth You Desire’s Blog! 

In my 19 years as a birth worker I have learned that as science and healthcare changes, our birth choices are changing too.  No matter where you will birth or who you will birth with, our bodies are designed to do this amazing work. Each of us should honor the innate wisdom in women’s bodies and the natural process. And yet sometimes, we need assistance. In those cases medical intervention may become necessary. The most important thing is that you have a choice. And if you know your options then you can make the best choice for your family. 

The purpose of this blog if to inspire families to better understand how their choices affect well-being, I hope you enjoy it!

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