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Join our local childbirth classes and develop your own custom birth goals. With our expert insights to all things birth we will help you, as a couple, to navigate your birth options and choices in the DMV area. Together we can help you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Mothers and Their Partners in Local Childbirth Class

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Upcoming Childbirth Classes

New Parents Childbirth 6 Week Series:

January 20- February 24, 2019– 7-9 pm in Bethesda MD (accommodations will be made for the super bowl)

February 16-March 30, 2019– 12-2pm in Columbia MD

March 24- May 12, 2019-7-9 pm in Bethesda MD

April 13-May 25, 2019– 12-2pm in Columbia MD

June 23- August 4, 2019-7-9 pm in Bethesda MD

September 15- October 27, 2019-7-9 pm in Bethesda MD

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  • The classes occur weekly.
  • Please note that classes are limited in size for individual attention,
  • These weekly classes do fill fast due to the limited size,
  • The weekly class covers the third trimester, through birth, immediate postpartum, and breastfeeding.
  • Weekly practice in relaxation and visualization.
  • In addition comfort techniques and labor rehearsals are part of the course.
  • Class fees are $500 and include all materials and guest speakers when available,
  • Receipts for insurance or flex spending will be provided,

Birthing Again ™ Refresher Class:

March 9, 2019:  from 1-4 pm in N. Bethesda MD  (6 spots left)

June 1, 2019:  from 1-4 pm in N. Bethesda MD

September 1, 2019:  from 1-4 pm in N. Bethesda MD

November 16, 2019:  from 1-4 pm in N. Bethesda MD

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  • This is a one-day class.
  • Perfect for a refresher after a vaginal birth or a cesarean.
  • This class will cover: the stages of labor specific for the second time, pushing options, emergency childbirth, postpartum recovery, and sibling tips.
  • In addition comfort techniques and a labor rehearsal is part of the class.
  • These classes do fill fast due to the limited size.
  • Class fees are $150 and include all materials.
  • Receipts for insurance or flex spending will be provided.

More Information About Our Childbirth Classes:

Why Take Childbirth Classes?
Women have been birthing babies for thousands of years. In the past, women lived in communities surrounded by family and friends. This community offered love, companionship, support and education. In today’s world, families live relatively detached lives and perhaps even live distant from family and friends. Because of this, childbirth classes are now a necessity for mothers to be and their partners. Childbirth classes are a gateway to a community of support and knowledge that parents need.   BYD childbirth classes help you understand the birth process and make educated choices about what type of birth experience you desire. Today, the majority of women birth in hospitals. However, birth center and home births are attracting more and more healthy and low-risk mothers. Water births, VBACs, and alternative birth experiences are desired by some. Birth you Desire childbirth classes also help the birth team to navigate conversations with your provider once you know what you desire in your birth. Our goal is to help you have the birth that YOU desire.
How Childbirth Classes Prepare You for the Birth You Desire.
Birth You Desire childbirth classes:

  • Educate you on how to make healthy and low risk choices in pregnancy, labor and beyond.
  • Replace fear with knowledge and thus instilling confidence, by teaching comfort measures that will allow you to trust your body and relax in labor.
  • Support the coach in their role as an advocate so that they can more fully supporting you physically, psychologically and emotionally
  • Teach you and your partners how to make educated choices for procedures, understand variations in labor and how to be flexible in unexpected circumstances.
  • Demonstrate a variety of proven relaxation techniques, exercises for stamina, and labor rehearsals, and providing you the opportunity to practice them yourself.
  • Teach real life skills for maternal comfort in labor.
Birthing Again ™ Classes for Repeat Parents.
This is a one-day interactive refresher class customized for expecting parents who have already participated in childbirth class(es) in the past. In this class you will:

  • Explore the mind-body connection as related to birth
  • Address fears and concerns surrounding birth
  • Review the stages of labor specifically for second time parents
  • Learn how pushing can be very different for this experience
  • Review emergency childbirth techniques
  • Dust off your previous pain coping techniques and learn some new ones
  • Practice positions that promote comfort and labor progression
  • Take home tips on preparing big brother or sister for this special day
  • Class fees are $150 and include all materials and an insurance or flex spending receipt

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Throughout my entire labor at the hospital the nurses kept commenting that we must have taken childbirth classes because we knew what we were doing and were handling things amazingly. I felt prepared going into labor which helped me to be able to relax through contractions. In fact, I had a couple of nurses who came in to help with the actual delivery double check the epidural pump because they couldn’t believe that it was empty. We cannot thank you enough for everything you taught us!

A & W Norman

Although my labor was nearly twice as long as it was with our first, it felt much gentler and peaceful, and I felt very calm and in control throughout the entire experience. I was so glad that we were able to practice laboring positions during your class (laboring on toilet, swaying, squatting, slow dancing). What I thought I was going to prefer during labor was actually very different from what I needed and utilized this time around. Your class definitely helped me prepare for a different scenario this around.

Ellen & Pablo

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