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Can’t come to class? We can come to you! Our Understanding Birth eClass class is the perfect alternative for busy parents needing a flexible class schedule or for moms on bed rest. Have you given birth before? This online class is a great refresher course! You will learn the same essential information as in a group class on your timeline. The class includes what’s happening to your changing body, how you will know when you are really in labor, helpful comfort techniques, advice for partners, an overview of medical procedures, all about the immediate postpartum recovery, breastfeeding basics, and much more.

Our Understanding Birth eClass will help you:


Understand pregnancy – what’s happening to your body, discomforts, warning signs, nutrition, exercise, and more


Learn about labor – preparing for birth, pre-labor signs, onset of labor, 3D animation of labor process, and more


See how the stages of labor unfold – watch amazing real-life birth stories


Explore the pros and cons – weigh the risks and benefits of medical interventions, including cesarean sections.


Discover helpful comfort techniques – breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, focal points, hydrotherapy, labor and pushing positions, advice for partners , and more

Your eClass registration includes:


Online access for 12 weeks, So that you can learn on your schedule.


A personal 1 hour video conferencing labor rehearsal class is included with your subscription. Perfect for asking your personal questions.



All your questions answered by a birthworker who has personally worked with thousands of clients

Our eight-chapter program is an interactive, web-based class that uses videos, personal birth stories, animations, activities, and games to teach all the essential information parents need to know to prepare for their birth.

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