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Are you ready to pursue a dynamic and rewarding career as a professional Birth Arts International (BAI) certified doula? Let us be your guide and join a BAI doula training.

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Doula Training Program

You can have the information or career you always wanted! Everyone is welcome in our doula training.  No previous experience is needed.  In addition, you will have a fun, comprehensive, and holistic education.  This workshop is the perfect first step to getting started as a professional Birth Arts International certified doula.

Your doula trainer is a senior birth doula, midwife assistant, and childbirth educator, Ursula Sabia Sukinik. She has over 20 years of experience and has worked with thousands of clients in a variety of birth settings. As she is actively doing the work you are striving to do, you will get superior education and insight into the birth world. While setting a solid foundation to start your professional career.

Doula work is a unique and financially rewarding career.  You can choose if you want to be a full-time professional doula or a part-time doula. Doula work offers a flexible schedule allowing you to work around your family and their needs. Get started today – contact us!

What can I expect?

Fun! Passion! An exchange of knowledge! And maybe a new friend or two. You will also receive superior student support and guidance, with extensive networking and mentorship for our students. You will learn both from your peers as well as your trainer. After the workshop, you will continue your education in the online program with the program director herself. Resources include online support groups, email, phone, and video access so that all members have a place to ask questions, get support, and share ideas.

In the workshop and during certification you will:

  • Develop and define your scope of practice as a professional doula
  • How to present evidence-based research, options, and alternatives to match the client’s birth goals
  • Provide highly effective labor support techniques for pain management, reduce interventions, and promote healthy outcomes
  • How to create and preserve a safe birth environment
  • Understanding the physical, mental, and emotional process of both natural and medically managed births
  • Support the whole birth team
  • Effective communication with the birth team to establish trust and mutual empowerment
  • Conduct interviews, prenatal and postpartum visits
  • Building a doula bag
  • Basic business skills with additional FREE training with lifetime certification
  • Plus, much, much more. 

Do you have to certify? Nope! Many yoga instructors, massage therapists, and nurses attend these classes to enhance their work and understanding.  Join us and learn something new!

What does my tuition cover?

The two-day workshop is full of information, instruction, and inspiration for both the novice and the experienced doula.

A digital training manual with over 300 pages of information & resources.

Birth Arts International extensive online resources and continuing education programs.

Unlimited email access to BAI director with a 72 hours response time.

Mentorship with online support from classmates, peers, and other BAI trainers.

Personal attention, networking, and support.

Lifelong certification with completion of the program.

Referrals to get you started when possible through Birth You Desire (BYD).

No hidden or additional fees.

What are the requirements?

NONE! No previous experience is needed for this workshop! The workshop is open to everyone from all backgrounds. No matter if you are a yoga instructor looking to expanding your knowledge, a mother supporting her daughter, or an experienced or aspiring doula, our program is for you.   The only requirement is to come with an open mind and a desire to learn from an amazing group of passionate people.

Highlights include:

  • Superior competitive education program
  • Strong ethical and cultural education
  • Client communication skills
  • Networking and community-building skills
  • Research skills
  • Hands-on skills, such as positions & comfort techniques
  • Self-care skills
  • Sustainable business skills to assist in setting up and running a successful practice
  • Mentorship and peer development every step of the way
  • Professional autonomous treatment and development


To complete your certification you will need to:

1. Observe a private or hospital hour childbirth class. The class must be a minimum of eight hours. We require this so that you are better able to understand the education your clients may be receiving.

2. Required reading with complimentary assignments. All assignments and reading are designed to prepare you for a professional doula upon certification. Ten books are required from our list found here. Credit is given for previous reading if the book(s) are on the reading list.

3. Submit documentation from five births. Optimally the student will attend 3 hospital births, 1 home birth, and 1 cesarean birth.

What are the fees and payment terms and conditions?

No Hidden Fees: when you enroll in our program, the fee you pay is all we charge, there are no hidden fees or extra costs.  We do not require you to become a member or pay fees to stay certified. Your tuition covered everything,  The full fee is $555. We offer an ‘Early Bird’ fee of $500 if you complete your payment one month before the start of the workshop.   Once the fee is received you will receive a booking confirmation via email within 72 hours. Confirmation will include all details needed for the event.

Payment: A deposit to due to hold your place in the training. Payment plans are available and can be made with a check, bank transfer, credit or debit cards.

Refund Policy: Your registration is not complete without payment.  We do not offer refunds. You may request a one-time transfer of deposit in the event of an emergency or birth attendance with adequate notice via email. No Shows are NOT refundable. Full refunds will be given if the required minimum number of attendees is not met.

Proof of attendance: In order to receive your certificate of attendance you must attend both days in full.

Liability:  Participants in all BYD events take full responsibility for all hands-on practice and use of our homes, classroom, or meeting places. Birth You Desire does not accept any harm, loss, or damages in our workshops or to our future clients of our students. Our students take full responsibility for their own practice.

Upcoming Doula Training Dates:


Upcoming Workshops

January 8 & 9, 2022 virtual due to COVID

October 22 & 23, 2022 virtual due to COVID

Stay tuned for 2023 dates!

And you can reach out and request us to come to you!

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

For the past three years, Ursula Sabia Sukinik has mentored me as a doula, childbirth educator, and a business person. From the first conversation to the present she has always given practical, thoughtful, and essential advice. She has assisted me in all aspects of becoming a Doula: harnessing my intuition, promoting and protecting my business, and work/life balance, to name a few.

I feel deeply supported knowing I can call or text Ursula at any moment if I am stuck or need suggestions to help my laboring parents and my clients benefit from her experience. In one of the first births I attended as a new Doula I called Ursula needing help after being with an anxious laboring couple for over 24 hours. I credit the advice she gave that morning to helping my client have a vaginal birth instead of a cesarean.

I feel tremendously blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Ursula. I would not be the Doula and Childbirth Educator I am today if it were not for this mentoring relationship.


From the night we met in person, in a hospital parking garage at 3am on our way in to a birth, Ursula welcomed me into her life as a doula. She always held out her hand to help me figure out what it means to be a doula, to answer simple questions and talk through complex ideas. Ursula has been simply wonderful. She has taught me so much more than I expected to learn. She shared her many gifts with me and encouraged me to figure out what my gifts are and pursue my dreams. Ursula taught me to have confidence in my own abilities as a doula. She gave me the courage to pursue the path to becoming a midwife and dive ever-deeper into the world of birth. Thanks, Ursula!


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