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Childbirth Classes After A Loss

Childbirth Classes After A Loss

Why do childbirth classes after a loss? All birthing couples need birth preparation, especially for loss couples. After a loss, the couple may not think they need classes but it is even more important to be properly educated this time around. With a subsequent...

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Promises you Need To Make To Yourself In 2022

Promises you Need To Make To Yourself In 2022

2021 has been another strange year for the world. With the pandemic still looming large in our lives, and many of us experiencing a lot of upheavals when it comes to our family and finances, it’s perfectly understandable if you’ve let things slip when it comes to your own self-care. But as 2022 approaches, make the resolution to start putting yourself first. 

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Traditions, Holidays, and Birth

Every year around Thanksgiving I start to think about the holidays.  I think about the common things like what to cook, who will visit, what is the best dining room seating dynamic, etc.  Then I start to think about the purpose behind the holiday.  Thanksgiving is to give thanks.  What am I thankful for? Why do we celebrate the way we do? I try to ponder the purpose of the celebration. 

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Belly Bands & Clothing

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Pregnancy & Birth Clothing

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