Comfort Measures for Labor Webinar

Pregnant Woman at Rest

What you will learn:


Coping techniques for every stage of labor – tips for relaxation, therapies that can be used to interfere with pain messages, the benefits of using a TENS unit, the role hormones play in labor and birth, and more


Environment – the role your surroundings play in labor and birth and how to create a supportive environment to ensure the best possible labor experience


Optimal fetal positioning (OFP) – how you can move your body to help move your baby into the optimal position for birth


Epidural – when to request an epidural and body positions to use during an epidural


Partner tips – what partners can say and do to help mom through her labor experience


Birth tools and equipment – a list of items to have on hand during labor to help ease delivery

In this webinar, senior birth doula and childbirth educator Ursula Sabia Sukinik walks you through essential relaxation and coping techniques you can use during the various stages of labor.


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