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5 Tips to Remove Tape Adhesive after Birth

by | Jul 25, 2017

5 Tips to Remove Tape Adhesive after Birth

Other than breastfeeding questions, one of the questions I am most often asked at a postpartum visit is, “How do I get this tape residue off?”

Here you are at home, resting, and recuperating, and yet the tape residue remains as a subtle reminder of delivery day. Here are 5 tips for removing that adhesive:

1. Picking, scratching, and rubbing at the adhesive will mostly work but there is always a residue behind.

2. An easy tip is to use the sticky surface of a fresh piece of tape to grab the residue and remove it. This is best done with assistance so that someone can apply the fresh tape securely enough for the residue adhesive to be “grabbed.”

3. Sugar or Body scrub is an easy and option. Use the scrub to remove the adhesive and the dead skin cells.

4. Alcohol can be used to break down the adhesive and make it roll-off. It can be irritating and sting, especially if the skin is not fully healed.

5. Lemon oil is my favorite trick! You can use essential oils if you have them or cut a lemon wedge, squeeze the juice in your water, and use the rind to breakdown the glue. The residue will quickly roll up and breakdown!

Regardless of the method, take care to use only light pressure on delicate skin.


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