Are You at Risk?

Recently I came across a blog about postpartum depression and distinguishing it from no
depression post-baby and the baby blues. While well-intentioned, I was dismayed to see how
inaccurate the information was, as it not only combined postpartum depression with
postpartum anxiety (two VERY different issues) but also over-inflated the baby blues and short-
changed the variety of postpartum depression symptoms that exist. Postpartum mood
disorders impact 1 in 8 new parents (for the non-pregnant parent, it tends to occur in 1 in 10
people). A perinatal mood disorder can be serious and even deadly if not treated. Fortunately,
treatment is effective. A consultation with a trained mental health provider and/or psychiatrist
that has specific training in reproductive health can reverse the symptoms and help you feel
more like yourself.

To clear up any misconceptions, here is my chart:

Do you know where you fall on this chart?


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