5 Ways your Body May Change in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most pivotal times in your body. Your body is designed to grow and change as it supports life.  Many of those changes are fun and wonderful to embrace. Others are uncomfortable and should be managed carefully. Pregnancy is beautiful. That doesn’t mean that you will feel beautiful all of the time.

There are many body changes in pregnancy and some of them are obvious, while some are not so obvious. You’ll be aware of the bump you’re going to be sporting in a few months, and you’ll likely have heard about the potential for stretch marks. There are a few other things that’ll happen that you may not have heard of, however, and we’ve got five of those body changes for you below:

A full figured woman holding her pregnant belly in a brown skirt

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Your pelvis is going to relax at some point in the pregnancy.  For some it happens in the third trimester and others in labor, it is due to relaxin softening the ligaments and connective tissues.  This will help the baby move through the birth canal comfortably. You may feel wobbly but there should be no pain or discomfort.  Please reach out to both your provider and your doula for suggestions if needed. 
  2. Your ankles may swell. It is normal to retain some water in these lower extremities. Water retention can cause your ankles to swell, it is normal to have some swelling when you take your shoes or socks off.  But more extreme swelling can be one of the many signs of preeclampsia.  Keeping your feet elevated and staying hydrated will help (especially in the summer heat).
  3. Your gums may bleed and some people report loosening teeth. Pregnancy can cause all kinds of havoc with your gums and teeth, so it’s important that you speak to the experts about an appointment. This way, you can ensure that your teeth are looked after as you go through your pregnancy and you don’t have to worry about any of them falling out. 
  4. Your vision may change or feel odd. Some women experience blurry vision during pregnancy and while it can be normal it also may be serious complications.  Please reach out to your provider with any changes in your vision or any vision disturbances (auras, spots, halos, floaters).  It can be a sign of high blood pressure or preeclampsia. Keep your doctor in the loop about any and all changes to your vision that you experience.
  5. Some people in pregnancy may produce milk leading up to birth. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, you can collect this le milk or colostrum in 1ml syringes. Colostrum is liquid gold for a new baby and collecting it may help them to thrive in those early weeks of life. 


Pregnancy is full of the weird and wonderful, and your body is going to go through a lot to grow and deliver a beautiful newborn of your own. Those body changes are much easier to handle if you’re aware of them, so make sure that you are educating yourself as much as possible.