Pick A Safe Crib For Your Baby

Your baby deserves the best of everything you can offer, and that should be your focus when choosing a crib or cot. Apart from the aesthetics, you should also consider its size, comfort, and safety features. With a market worth of $286.3 million (2018 estimation), the US has one of the world’s biggest crib and cot industries. It’s a huge market, so you have a long list of choices. What should you be looking out for? Below is a compilation of things to consider when buying this essential baby furniture for the nursery.

  • Mattress must be the right size, firm, and secure

photo of wood baby crib

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Whether you’re using a cot or crib, the mattress should be firm and steady. There should be no sagging under your baby’s body weight. As your baby is developing, it is essential to offer healthy support for their spine and bones. Additionally, the mattress should fit snugly within the cot, without spaces around the edges. To test it, use your fingers to check between the mattress and the cot frame. If you can easily fit more than two fingers in the space, it’s likely the mattress is not the right size for the cot or its frame.

You will have peace of mind knowing that the crib you chose is the right one for your baby. Fortunately, you can pick your baby’s nursery furniture at Cuckooland and be assured it is of the right quality. Additionally, try not to use scented cleaners to wipe down your baby’s mattress. Simple dry cleaning is enough.

  • Consider appropriate measurements. 

The spaces between the sidebars should be 2 – 3/8 inches. This is about the width of a canned soda. Additionally, it helps if the crib or cot rail is about 26 inches in height, measuring from the top of the baby’s mattress. Older and hand-me-down cribs may be a wonderful idea but they may not be safe. Adding bumpers or fillers is not recommended either.

The whole idea behind these standard crib measurements is to enhance baby safety and offer you much-needed peace of mind. According to pediatricians, it is recommended to avoid buying cots and cribs with decorative cut-outs either on the headboard or footboard.

  • Think about the long term use

photo of wood baby crib

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Baby furniture is just as cute as newborn clothing.  So it’s understandable to choose baby furniture sets. However, do not lose sight of the fact that babies grow quickly. Before you know it, that cute cot may not be appropriate for a ten-month-old. You will have more value for your baby’s cot when it can still be helpful up until when your baby turns two years old. In essence, a bigger cot will be worth your money. Another factor to consider is whether you will be having more babies after your current one. If yes, that cot you just purchased will be suitable for subsequent newborns after moving your older child to a toddler bed.