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Childproof Your Nursery

by | Oct 16, 2016

Childproof your nursery and house so everyone stay safe. Here are some of Birth You Desire’s favorite tips on childproofing:

  • Anchor furniture to prevent serious injuries from tip-overs. Furniture can become unstable if the doors or drawers are opened, pulled or climbed on by an ambitious toddler. Anchor or tether all items with anchors specifically designed to support the weight of the unit. And all anchors MUST be securely fastened into wall studs. Two anchor per piece of furniture is recommended. Never leave your child unattended on a changing table.
  • Keep all furniture away from windows and exits. This ensures that cribs are away from window coverings and helps prevent toddlers from climbing near windows. Avoid creating climbing opportunities. Place safety gates and door knob covers where needed.
  • Cordless window treatments and blinds are best. Blinds with cords are a strangulation hazard. Cordless is a safer option or use cleats.
  • Install window guards or window stops on windows. A window stop prevents the window from opening more than a few inches (but has a release mechanism for emergency exit). Even if windows are above a child’s normal reach, a child might move a chair or toy in order to reach the window. Note: screens will not protect a child from falls and are meant to keep bugs outside.
  • Outlet covers. Small removable outlet caps could be removed by toddlers and are often not replaced  after use. When left around some small caps are choking hazards. Consider sliding outlet covers or box covers.
  • Keep electrical cords away. Babies can reach through crib slats or under furniture and pull cords to them. Avoid extension cords throughout the house and use surge protectors with covers when appropriate.
  • Safety nightlights are best when placed out of the reach of your baby. 
  • Nothing extra in the crib.  Due to suffocation, do not use bumper pads, pillows, stuffed animals and blankets in a crib.
  • Use sleep sacks or sleepers instead of blankets in the crib. Hand-knitted blankets could unravel, exposing a long dangerous string. Other blankets are a suffocation risk.
  • Check to make sure your crib has not been recalled. In recent years, numerous cribs have been recalled, mainly for hazards associated with the drop-side mechanisms. Crib standards have been improved so select cribs that meet current safety standards.  Visit to check for recalls and crib safety information.
  • Replace door stops with safety door stops. The small rubber cap that is on many door stops is easily removed and can become a choking hazard.
  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Store medicines and cleaning supplies safely. Lock boxes are available for storing items that are at child height.  Small overlooked pieces are a serious hazard (like batteries) and can be found in household items such as bathroom scales and remotes.
  • Adjust hot water heater to 120 degrees to prevent burns. Also consider no-slip bath mats, baths put cover and a toilet lock.
  • Learn more about how to childproof your nursery or house click here. For both common and custom needs visit Baby Proofing Montgomery to order what you need. 
  • REMEMBER Childproofing is an ongoing process! 


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