baby in play stationIs a nanny right for our family?

There are many different options in childcare. How do you decide which option is best for your family? A personal nanny, a group nanny, childcare? We’re here to help you navigate through.

Working with an agency, such as Birch Nannies, will ensure you have high-quality candidates who have been fully vetted. We do the initial interview, all reference checks, and background checks. A great agency will send you candidates best suited for your family and eliminate the need for you to interview countless nannies. Yes, you can find a nanny on your own, it’s just a lot more work for you!

We recommend that you reach out to us two to three months before you need care. Much like with a realtor, you want to find an agency you really click with. You will be working very closely with your placement specialist throughout your nanny search, and it’s important to feel a connection. We want you to feel comfortable enough to say things like, “We didn’t love this candidate because she was wearing a cat sweater, and we’re a dog family…” Don’t worry, we have heard it all, and we have zero judgment!

One of the best things about having a nanny is the ability for you (and your nanny) to have control over your baby’s schedule, rather than your baby’s need to be on a center’s schedule. In the current climate, there is an extra advantage to your kiddos being able to be in their own homes and not in a group setting. When life gets back to a bit more normalcy, your nanny will be able to take your baby to classes and activities you mutually agreed upon.

Most importantly, remember that you are hiring someone to take care of your children and by extension, your whole family. Your nanny will become a valued member of your household and it is important to feel safe and well connected with this person. Open communication is key to any successful nanny/family relationship. When you find your nanny through Birch Nannies, you have our ongoing support. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have!

Still, have more questions? Schedule a complimentary phone call to learn more about Birch Nannies in your area and/or visit our FAQ page.

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