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My VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

by | Aug 30, 2016

My VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

It’s been almost a year since my VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, to my beautiful son, Indigo Xavier.  As I reflect on that day, I still can’t believe what an amazing experience it was.  My first child, Alex, was a c-section and after 11 hours of natural labor, he needed a little help to be born. So this time I wanted a VBAC.

I worked really hard to help ensure that my second labor went differently.   It started with finding a super experienced VBAC doula and she was key in my view. Due to working with Ursula, I saw a chiropractor and got adjusted weekly. Also, I worked out, did acupuncture, and I even cut my carbs the last weeks because my team thought Indigo was getting too chunky.  That was tough, I’m not gonna lie but oh so important to get my VBAC.

As my due date rolled came and passed without labor,  my midwife and Ursula suggested a castor oil cocktail.  As soon as I started the second dose, BOOM,  I had serious contractions, like a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale.  After laboring for two hours or so at home, my husband and I hopped into the car and met Ursula at the hospital.  Upon meeting me, she adjusted my sacrum and we strolled right into the labor and delivery wing, taking our time to stop on the way to slow dance through contractions.

We were able to avoid triage as the staff trusted their relationship with Ursula and lead us directly into a labor room. And Ursula was right, by the time we were in our room I was 9 cm dilated.  Our team, the nurses, MCA, and Ursula worked together perfectly.

My most distinct memory from birth is that for some reason, I needed to have my hand on my husband’s chest as I contracted. His anchoring me allowed me to move quickly and shortly after arrival, we started pushing. When it was time to push we were all in the zone.  My midwife, Tara, and Ursula were rooting me on, and my husband was there talking to me every step of the way.  We were a well-oiled machine!!!  It seemed like NO TIME and Indigo burst out into my arms!  He was the sweetest, old man looking baby!!!  He was so present to the world around him.  I was so happy, relieved, and proud of what I had accomplished with the help of my team. The VBAC was everything I desired and more. A healthy baby, born naturally, AND with very little tearing.

My expectation was to deliver a healthy baby, hopefully vaginally.  I never dreamed that it could be such a joyful and magical experience. Thanks to an amazing team, I had the Birth I Desired.

Written by Danielle Lorio Fedak.


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