Congratulations!  You’ve just accomplished what’s the equivalent of running a marathon, climbing Mount Everest, and playing football all at the same time – giving birth! Now comes the after-party. it may or may not include balloons and cake but you have an amazing trophy, your baby. Here is what to expect after giving birth.


brunette mother nose to nose with a blonde newborn

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash


Welcome to the World of No Sleep 

Prepare yourself for an awakening at odd hours when becoming a parent! Your babies’ small stomachs require frequent feedings every two or three hours throughout the night – even in the early morning hours! While this may come as a shock, rest assured that it won’t last forever.  It is the welcome into parenthood’s exclusive club, where sleep becomes an irredeemable privilege rather than an entitlement!


The Fashion Statement: Mesh Undies

Yes, that is correct. Bid farewell to your beloved lingerie and say hello to hospital-provided mesh underwear! While not particularly After party seductive at first glance, these stretchy wonders will become your new best friends for postpartum bleeding relief. Designed for maximum comfort and breathability, these haute couture undies should accommodate the pads you will need during postpartum. While this might seem like an odd choice of fashion statement postpartum wardrobe must-haves! Enjoy this liberating fashion statement; you have earned it, warrior mama!


Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

The After Party includes a favorite theme park ride. One that rivals even the grandest rollercoasters for thrills and spills: The Parenthood’s emotional rollercoaster. One moment you could be overjoyed, the next you might find yourself sobbing due to an adorable onesie covered in spit-up or because you simply can’t remember when was the last time you showered. Your hormones and life changes have sent you on an unpredictable ride; don’t take this personally. It is completely normal and it is absolutely okay to cry, laugh, scream, and feel everything in between during this process. Don’t feel isolated on this ride – feel free to reach out when loops get extreme or for help when necessary; contact a depression rehab center immediately if your emotional state becomes unmanageable or out of control. You got this, mom!


The First Trip to the Bathroom: An Adventure

Your first postpartum bathroom trip may rival Frodo’s journey to Mordor – with mesh underwear, maternity pads, and even some witch hazel pads and a peri bottle all making for an adventurous journey! This magical squirt bottle will serve as your trusted weapon as you navigate the perils of post-birth pee. Warm water should be your friend; witch hazel pads provide cooling relief when needed on mesh underwear; remember, slow and steady wins this race: take your time, brace yourself – this journey won’t be over overnight; just trust that supermom! Bathroom trips may never be the same again for some time after giving birth – don’t give up, you got this momma!



Postpartum may feel like entering an unpredictable circus where you must juggle all three roles at once, but don’t lose hope! Motherhood is an incredible blessing with its own set of challenges – so welcome to the After Party and Parenthood!


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