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How to Build a Business Even When You’re Expecting

Whether you’re planning to start a business or are trying to build a relatively new one, you’ve got your work cut out for you. And when you are expecting a baby in the coming months, you’ve really got a lot to think about!

Here’s the thing: You can build your company, prepare for your new baby, and be an awesome mompreneur when your bundle of joy arrives. You just have to fight the temptation to get overwhelmed, and you plan your steps. Birth You Desire has listed some practical tips to get you started on the right foot!

Organize Your Time and Responsibilities

You’re dealing with two things that rely on schedules for their health and well-being: a baby and a business. Even if the baby is still in your womb, it’s essential that you eat and sleep regularly to keep yourself well and the baby nourished.

Once your baby is born, they will need to eat and sleep in consistent increments throughout the day. Your business will likely require you to commit more than eight hours each day.

Needless to say, you will need a firm schedule so that both your child and company can flourish. You will also need to organize all of your responsibilities by allocating the appropriate tasks according to the times of day you feel the most energized. Fortunately, plenty of tools and software products can help you schedule your tasks by importance and urgency.

Honor Your Hours

Once you solidify your work hours, be sure to stick to them. When you’re “on” the job, focus all the energy and brainpower on the tasks at hand, and when you’re “off,” clock out and don’t look back.

When you are spending time with your family, fight the temptation to respond to emails and brainstorm potential projects. Both your business and family deserve time and attention, and keeping them separate will help you succeed at both.

Knock Out Your Administrative Duties

Shortly after deciding to start a company, you will realize how many administrative tasks are involved. For most entrepreneurs, these are the unenjoyable responsibilities that must be taken care of to lay a firm business foundation.

For example, you will need to select a legal structure for your business. And if you have trouble finding a domain for your company, or want the opportunity to branch out into new services or products down the road, you might consider creating a DBA. Doing so will allow you to sell and market your products and services under a name different from your legal name.

Access Your Support System

If you try to nurture your baby and business all by yourself, you likely will eventually burn out and will have nothing left to give of yourself to anyone. Even if you are a single mother, it’s essential to access the support system around you.

If you have a partner or a close circle of friends and relatives, make them your team during this season. Talking to them about working together and relying on each other as you prepare for your newborn and build your company.

When your child is born, make it a priority to give your partner or other caregivers a break from caring for the baby; you might be surprised by the difference a few minutes of decompressing can make for your relationships.

You may also need to enlist help for your business, even if it means hiring out the tasks that you are not equipped to handle or simply hate doing. You will have plenty on your plate as a new business owner, and you will benefit by focusing your time and energy on the things you do best.


If you are eager to get your company up and running and expecting a new baby, you can do both by diligently planning and incorporating healthy habits into your routine. Keep the tips above in mind to position yourself to succeed in both baby and business! Most importantly, take care of yourself in the process so that you can have the time, energy, and passion necessary to be the best boss-mom!

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A guest post by Emily Graham | [email protected]