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Building a Birth Mantra

by | Apr 1, 2016

Building a Birth Mantra

Writing, speaking, and believing in a personalized affirmation is a great way to facilitate change and foster a positive outcome.  Affirmations are a valuable coping skill, which can be used in throughout gestation to transform your pregnancy and birth. It’s a way to reprogram your thoughts and feelings around an event that is special or powerful to you.  A way to change your behaviors and reactions to triggers in your life.  This is especially important for the loss of couples who face unique challenges.

An affirmation is a statement you believe or want to believe to be true.  A bridge to the outcome you desire. It’s a statement you repeat to yourself throughout the day from first thing when looking into the mirror, throughout the day and before you go to bed.

How to craft a powerful affirmation

Start small
Be short and concise
Use present tense
Use positive words that you speak in daily life

Suggested affirmations

I am calm and relaxed
I trust my baby and my body.
Breath in strength, breath out fear
(Babies move) Down and out
I am strong and powerful
Big ones(contractions) bring me a baby

Steps to using your affirmation

Consider your mood and take steps to be in a positive place before speaking your affirmation.  If you need to reboot your mood consider smiling, dancing, or singing before speaking your affirmation.  This way the mantra has a positive mood helping it to feel energized.

Once in a positive place speak or write your mantra. Energize the words with your intention and believe in it.   The affirmation its self will not change your mood, rather it will help you to be in a space of peace allowing you to move or act with intention to help you get to your desired outcome.

Affirmations only work with practice. It may take time and practice for the affirmations to work for you.  Some people see results right way and other fins that it takes longer for them to work and be realized.

Here is a link to a website with some pre-made birth mantras in case you prefer them, to be printed and laminated for birth.



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