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Celebrating holidays with your family will create lasting memories. Easter is a favorite with many children, as they grow, developing some eggstraspecial memories!  

Whether you partake in the giving of chocolate eggs or not, you can do so many fun things with your kids this Easter to help you get in the spirit of this popular family holiday.

Even as babies and toddlers, you can still include them in the festivities and make this a lovely tradition you can carry on for years to come.

Egg Hunts

Not everyone wants to give their kids chocolate eggs, but an egg hunt can still be extremely fun whether you are indulging in the sweet stuff or not.

You can use chocolate eggs you hide with little clues around the house; don’t forget the bonnet and Easter basket for collecting their goodies! You can use egg-shaped toys and bunnies for them to find, or you can make healthier treats that serve as an alternative to chocolate. It’s entirely up to you, but the fun of an egg hunt shouldn’t be overlooked. It is a great way to engage kids of all ages, even the bigger adult-sized ones!


Watch Easter Films

There are so many Easter-themed films you can watch with your kids. From the best Easter movies with fun to faith-based cartoons and delightfully whimsical adventures, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to watching Easter films. Plus, it’s the perfect way to relax, enjoy some downtime, and enjoy some of those yummy Easter treats available at this time of year.


Easter Crafts

Easter is undoubtedly one of the best holidays for crafts. You can make a whole host of bunny—and egg-themed activities and crafts to keep the little ones entertained. Even babies can make bunny ears using footprints or handprints, for example. For older kids, you can let them use their imagination and come up with Easter designs and activities themselves.

You can use these crafts as part of your home decor, for an egg hunt, or to put away in a memory box if you wish. But you should see what fun crafts you can come up with to have fun with little ones this Easter.


Make An Easter Bonnet

The traditional bonnet-making activity is a firm favorite for everyone at Easter. Originally a European tradition, Easter bonnets, in their first iteration, were a ring of leaves and flowers symbolizing the four seasons. Other origins come from a passage in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 11.1:13, which is where the more modern bonnets we see and make today come from.

Easter Baking

Baking with kids isn’t meant to be perfect, but it is meant to be fun. You can get the little ones involved in kid-friendly baking and food activities in the kitchen to help them create some delicious Easter-themed treats or foods you can all enjoy as a family; they can even become the food of choice for your other Easter-themed activities, too.

You can make your own chocolate eggs, have them help you make Easter bread, bunny-themed desserts, or anything else you wish. Even if nothing is edible in the end, it will still be a fun thing you can all do together.


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