Quality Family Time While in Quarantine

Dad kissing partners pregnant belly

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Quarantine, social distancing, and the uncertainty that permeates this time might have been particularly tough for moms to be. This is an incredibly important time in your life, and it is easy to feel scared and overwhelmed. However, turning this experience around is not too challenging, with a little inventiveness and commitment. Instead of worrying about everything that is happening, make every day special with family time, and create precious memories.

Make Time for Yourself

Spending time alone doing the things that you love the most is paramount to enjoy the time you spend in the company of others. It is reasonable to feel anxious and overwhelmed when your routine is disrupted, but finding peace within yourself is essential to be ready to enjoy others’ company. Even taking 15 minutes out of a busy day for a quick yoga or meditation practice can help. 

Cook Together

While expecting, you might be coping with mood swings and fears that you can’t always control. However, don’t forget that others around you are ready to offer support if you allow them. Propose to do something together, such as cooking or baking. While it can only take an hour out of your busy day, it can be an excellent occasion to let go of something that scares you and reconnect with your other half. 

Don’t Forget About Date Nights.

If you have always had time for an occasional date night, why not reintroduce the tradition now? Naturally, your routine might have been disrupted, and spending all day with your other half or your little ones might come with challenges that always seem difficult to overcome. However, don’t underestimate the power of date nights! They can be an excellent way to reconnect with your partner and enjoy some quality time together outside of your routine. Don’t forget to dress up and add candles to the table to make it an extraordinary evening!

Throw a Garden Party

It is undeniable that stress has been accumulating in the past months, and finding a way to let go of anxiety is essential. While you might have dedicated yourself to a new hobby or pastime, sometimes it is good to have funds. With bars and restaurants still closed, the opportunities to meet your friends and family might be limited. However, this should not stop you or your family from enjoying a sunny day outdoors! Since you will be spending a large part of the summer in your garden, make sure it is equipped with all the furniture, BBQ facilities, and fairy lights you need to turn it into a private oasis.

Exercise Together

Pregnancy during quarantine is among the most challenging experiences you will have. However, dedicating some time every day to look after your body can yield results you were not expecting. Indeed, just a little more stretching and mindful movement allow you to release the tension you might have accumulated in the past weeks. Don’t forget to ask your other half to join in and have fun together.