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7 Ways To Cope After Losing Someone You Care About

Losing someone you can about is never easy, especially in today’s world.  Even if you do everything right’ everyone is being touched by loss, due to this pandemic.

Losing somebody you care about can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Somehow, you never feel quite prepared for it, and then it hits you and you have all kinds of things to deal with. You need to deal with your own emotions, and on top of that, you may also need to help other people cope, on top of making funeral arrangements or carrying out your loved ones’ last wishes. It can be a lot to handle and is often an extremely heavy time period in a person’s life. There are certain things you can do to cope. Not all of them will apply to you, but it’s important you take care of yourself at this time. Below, you’ll find 7 suggestions. Take a look and see what you can do to cope after losing someone you care about.


  1. Allow Any Emotions That Come Up

Various emotions will come up when you’ve lost somebody you care about. The important thing is to make sure you process them and don’t shame yourself for feeling what you feel. Everybody has a different grieving process, and you should never try to rush through it. Accept your emotions and you’ll better be able to move through them. Don’t try to rush them or push them down. 

2. Reach Out To Somebody Else 

Perhaps you can reach out to somebody else for support. It might be a good idea to reach out to somebody else who is grieving to talk things through and share stories, however, it’s important to note that this person is grieving in their own way. You don’t want to make things worse for them, so make sure you both have the capacity to hold space for one another first. 

3. Look Into Professional Help 

Professional help may be the way to go if you’re struggling with what has happened more than you feel you can handle. Emotions can feel like physical burdens, and it can be tough to work through them alone. A professional can help you to understand your feelings and give you the tools needed to work through them safely.

4. Try To Stick To A Routine

Try to stick to a routine as best you can. In the first few days or even weeks, you may not feel able to do this, but eventually, you should try to get back into your routine. You can still grieve, but a routine will give your day some structure and normalcy. 

5.  Find Ways To Honor The One You’ve Lost 

Find ways to honor the one you’ve lost. Look at upright headstones for the cemetery, urns for ashes, and even jewelry that you can wear to honor them. 

6.  Get Lost In Activities that Provide Some Relief

Certain activities can distract you and help you to feel better. Try painting or journaling, or something else you’ve wanted to try for a while. Make sure you can get lost in it. 

7.  Join A Support Group

A support group is a group full of people going through similar things. It might help to share your story where nobody really knows you.