Body Changes When Pregnant


Pregnancy changes the female body from head to feet.  So it is critical that the pre-pregnant body is well prepared for the demands of pregnancy. It is equally important that the mother has a team of skilled providers to determine what is normal and unusual pregnancy discomforts.  Often times alternative care providers like a chiropractor or physical therapist can correct misalignments prior to birth, preventing a long, painful delivery and recovery.

Some common changes to the pregnant body are:

Body alignment changes as postures change. The shoulders roll back to offset the change of gravity due to the growing belly.  This alignment continues all the way down to the tailbone which is visible by a cervical curve.

Increased breast size for lactation may make them feel heavy and uncomfortable as well as add strain to the upper back.

As the belly grows the center of gravity changes, which puts an additional strain on the lower back and the surrounding joints.

Pelvic misalignments can become pronounced. This is usually due to the tension in the uterus and surrounding joints as they support the pregnancy.

Additional instability can happen as the hormone relaxin loosens joints.  This increased mobility can decrease stability, irritate previous injuries, and increase the potential for new ones.

The growing baby and their fetal movements can add additional stress to the rib cage and mid-back.

Finally, as their center of gravity has changed, their gait also changes. Which can aggravate the hip and pelvic joints, sciatica nerves, and the supporting uterine ligaments.