Traveling With A Newborn


Getting home for the holidays or a vacation destination may seem like a daunting task if you’ve got a baby or toddler. Take a breath! We’ve got the tips and tricks to help make traveling with an infant easier!

Safety first!

No matter where you are traveling or how you are getting there you will need a car seat.

If traveling by car, make sure the car seat is installed correctly and securely. depending on your needs, you also want to make sure you can see and/or reach your baby in a hurry if they need your help. For some parents, this is a car seat in the middle of the back with a parent in the back seat with them and for others, having a mirror in place gives you an easy way to keep an eye on your baby.

Most airlines have their own recommendations for traveling with an infant. These things may include the following:

Compare airlines for the best deals and then check with your specific airline to ensure you have everything you need to fly safely, and what they can do to assist families flying with them.

The Survival Kit

Being prepared for the unexpected is the only way to travel with little ones. This means strategic packing of your diaper bag for both your baby or toddler and for yourself.

Consider packing:

  • Ziplocks. I never travel anywhere without them.  All sizes for all manners of use.
  • One diaper for every hour of travel.
  • Wipes for the baby and wipes for the seat, and any messes along the way. Store in a ziplock.
  • A change of clothes for baby and you. (dirty closes can go in your ziplock.
  • Hand sanitizer, for times the wipes won’t cut it.
  • Lightweight or a muslin blanket to drape over baby or car seat to protect your baby from light, noise, and germs.
  • Baby’s favorite blanket, lovie, or snuggle and a backup.
  • Your babywearing carrier for when the car seat is just too cumbersome.
  • Snacks for you. Stored in zip locks.
  • Pumped breastmilk or formula with you when flying, along with freezer packs to keep it cold. Note- When going through the security checkpoints, remove the items from your carry-on and inform the TSA agent so they can be screened separately.
  • First Aid Kit for illness or medical necessities.

Other tips and tricks:

Consider traveling with an infant during their normal sleep or nap times. Hopefully, they will sleep during a portion of your trip making the trip smoother. If this is not possible or they are awake, having a variety of toys or ways to entertain and distract them is crucial for making the trip easier.

Plan frequent stops or breaks to accommodate the baby’s feeding schedule. It is always a good idea to add a little extra time to your travel plans, giving you extra time to deal with spills, diaper changes, feeding times, and wardrobe fixes.

Babies and children, just like adults are sensitive to takeoffs and landings, due to air pressure.  Plan to feed them or use a pacifier to avoid any issues.

May these tips make your next trip go smoothly.