Ensuring The Comfiest Sleep For Your Little One

Everyone’s sleeping habits are likely to change a little after the new baby arrives, including your own and perhaps even the toddler of the family, if you have one. The sooner you get your new arrival into a routine sleeping pattern, the better for the family. Here, we’re going to look at what you can do to create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment to help them find that routine all the sooner. 

crib with grey and white sleep theme

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Starting with the crib

You might be using a Moses basket for a short while, but the cot is quickly going to become where your child does the vast majority of their sleeping. When they’re able to roll over or pull themselves up, you want a good and comfortable cot. There are all kinds of cots, so how do you pick the best one? You typically want one with slatted sides, as they are more stable and secure than dowels. Adjustable mattress heights can be a big bonus too, as you can raise the mattress so that it’s easier to reach down for your baby, so less stress on your back. Cots can also come with some handy features such as under-bed storage so you can keep all of their sleep essentials nearby.


The mattress matters, too

While the cot might be good for keeping your baby safe and secure while they sleep, the mattress is going to do the most when it comes to ensuring their comfort. There are different types, from foam to sprung to natural fiber. It’s widely recommended that you choose a new mattress, first and foremost. While you might think that softer is more comfortable, you want to choose one that’s reliably firm, so your baby can more easily turn around and move, so be sure to always squeeze along the edges and center to test that firmness. You will want to turn it around on a semi-regular basis to make sure that they’re not always putting pressure on one end, which can undermine that firmness.

Newborn asleep with toes sticking out of a white blanket

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Complete it with the bedclothes

The soft bedclothes, both for the mattress and the blanket that covers the baby are crucial components of their comfort, too. First and foremost, you want to make sure that it’s a nice breathable fabric that can keep them warm and cozy but isn’t overly heavy or restrictive. You want to ensure that you size the mattress covers to the mattress properly so that they are flush and not easy for a baby to accidentally remove. There are also protective options like anti-radiation blankets that can offer a little additional safety to go with the comfort. Organic materials tend to be better on the baby’s skin, as well.


Ensure peace, quiet, and comfort

Aside from the actual physical products that make up the sleeping environment, you want to make sure that the space offers the right level of comfort for young babies, as well. While they can seemingly fall asleep just about anywhere, as they get older, they start to notice changes in their environment. Much of what makes a good sleeping environment for a baby is what makes a good environment for grown-ups, as well. It should be dark, ensuring that light doesn’t make it under the door or from any baby monitors or the like. Keeping a consistent level of sound is important, too. This might not mean entirely quiet, as making use of a sound machine can dampen the noises that might filter in from the outside, as well.

female in polka dot dress holding a newborn in a pal green blanket

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Somewhere to help rock them

You want a nice, peaceful bed to help them stay asleep. However, when trying to get them to sleep, it’s an old and effective trick to use a little light movement. To that end, a rocking chair is a very common sight in a nursery.  There isn’t too much to think about when choosing a rocking chair. Just make sure that it’s comfortable for you and isn’t likely to make loud squeaky or creaky noises when you’re using it. This can offer you the perfect place to rock your baby to sleep before you tuck them into their own bed.


In all honesty, there isn’t a whole ton that’s necessary to create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your child. We’ve outlined all of the essentials above, as well as a few extras that can give you a little additional help in getting them off to the land of nod so you can enjoy a little sleep, yourself.


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