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7 Ways To Find The Perfect Name

Choosing a baby’s name is one of the most important decisions expectant parents can make. Unlike many other aspects of parenting, a name isn’t something you can easily change. And there is a lot to think about when coming up with a moniker for your little one.

While some people have their baby’s name chosen before they even contemplate becoming pregnant, others prefer to wait until they meet their baby to find something that suits them.


Surveys suggest that 25% of parents regret their child’s name, and one in four UK dads back down on their choice of baby name in favor of what man wants to choose. With these figures in mind, this post looks at some ways you can choose the perfect name for your new bundle of joy with no regrets.


Avoid Anything Trendy

Some parents can be tempted to follow trends and name children after movies, celebrities, or even celebrities’ babies’ names; the name Brooklyn saw a spike in the UK after the birth of David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son was born. The same happens for Khaleesi post Game of Thrones. Stay away from unusual spellings, too, that can cause complications for your child when they start school or in later life.


Think about how the name will sound to an adult. All names are cute for babies, but will your child become embarrassed by their name when they grow up?


Look At Family Names For Inspiration

Baby names see trends over the years, and names once considered old-fashioned quickly become popular again. Why not take a look at your family names? Sit down, have a look at your family tree, and see what names pop up for you to consider. Grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more can be a source of inspiration for baby names and give you a name that holds meaning and love within your family.


Look At Meanings

One popular way of choosing a baby name is to look at the meanings of names so you can choose something unique and meaningful. Misa means wished for a child, while Zoe means life, Austin means majestic dignity, and finishing off with Matthew means gift from god.

By looking at what each name means, you find something extra special. However, you don’t have to pay attention to its meaning if you wish and choose the same simply because it speaks to you.


Consider Your Names

What surname will the baby have, or do you want something that matches your or another sibling’s name? Using a Baby name generator can help you to come up with some names that fit well with existing family names and surnames to find something cohesive that compliments your family and sounds good with their chosen surname. Then you can see how it rolls off the tongue when you say it aloud. Don’t forget to consider any middle names you will be giving too to ensure you have a name that works well in its entirety.


Don’t Overlook Initials

Before you commit to a name, try writing it down to get a feel for initials. The last thing you want to do is to land your child with initials that can cause them ridicule. For example, Andrew Sloane Smith will give them the initials ASS while Francis Morgan Lane can land them with a pop culture abbreviation you won’t want to explain to young kids.


Think About Nicknames

Whether you’re a fan of shortening names or not, chances are, at some point, this will happen. Be it within the family or at school and by peers. Consider all the possible nicknames your child’s name can conjure up and see how you feel about them. Olivia is often shortened to Liv, while Matthew is Mat, or Matty, and so on. If you are happy with the way people could shorten their names or nicknames, it will generate, then this could be a good choice.


Check Name Popularity

It is highly likely you went to school with a few children with the same name; this is no different in any generation. There will always be popular baby names that change from year to year. The top girl’s name in the US for 2022 was Lily, while Liam topped the chart of boys’ names. This can be helpful in one of two different ways. You can get on board and find inspiration from the more popular choices other parents are going for. Alternatively, you can find names to avoid reducing the need for your child to be known by their surname initially when growing up with multiple other kids of the same name.



Choosing a baby name is something many parents put a lot of thought and effort into. However, occasionally, some may need a bit more inspiration to find a suitable name and avoid making any mistakes they will regret in the future.