5 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Crying

It’s always upsetting when your baby is crying. However, it’s important to be aware as a parent that there are multiple reasons why your little one might be in floods of tears. Here are some of the most common possibilities that you need to watch out for. 

Baby crying blue tears

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Hunger is the most common reason why a baby may be crying. Since babies can’t speak, they use tears as one of the many ways to communicate their needs, such as needing a snack or a full meal.  Learn some newborn cues to help them understand when they are hungry, full, and happy.


‘Crocodile’ Tears 

First, it’s important to realize that sometimes babies cry because they want something rather than because there’s anything actually wrong. A big telltale sign of this is that there won’t be any actual tears, even after their tear ducts have started working. If you listen, you can also start to tell the difference between the different types of crying. learning the difference can help you and your child to navigate their needs and desires. 


Too Hot Or Too Cold

Babies can cry to communicate that they are either too hot or too cold. If your baby is crying and you don’t know what’s wrong then you should always check their temperature. If you don’t have a thermometer to hand, feel their chest for a chill or sweat. This is the key area to check, as other parts of your baby can be cold for a variety of reasons. For instance, many newborn babies will have cold hands for the first few days. Be aware a young baby will often go up and down in temperature a lot because their body isn’t fully able to regulate itself yet.

It is recommended that babies sleep in 72-degree rooms and that there is adequate airflow for the best sleep.  If you are having issues with keeping your home temperature stable for your baby through the summer due to a damaged or ineffective AC unit, then an emergency air conditioning repair could be essential. 



You might also find that your baby is crying because they are not feeling well. Pay particular attention to their eating habits. If you have any concerns reach out to your  Remember, if you are worried that your child is ill, it’s always worth calling your pediatrician or getting them checked out. It’s definitely better to be safe than to have regrets. 

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Finally, it’s worth noting that a baby can often cry because they are overtired. You might think that if a baby is tired they will automatically just drop off and this isn’t always the case. A baby might actually fight to stay awake, over-exhaust themselves and then scream the house down. Again, this is a type of cry that you will soon learn to identify. Just like an adult, a baby can stay up too late and have a hard time falling asleep. Music, rocking, and even infant massage can help them get the rest that they need. 

Hugs, you have this!