Accept Where You Are

You are here.

Right now, you are here. Not over there.

You cannot start there because you are right here, and here is where your journey starts.

It’s not too late or too early to make changes, however. You do still have time to make powerful changes and develop strategies to get you over there. But first, you need to figure out where you are. Then you can understand what you need to learn and what you need to know. Finally, you can choose to surround yourself with a powerful network of help to help you to solve your problems.

Everyone has problems. Choosing which ones to work on is critical.

If you desire a specific birth experience, you can find the provider and location.

If your provider is not listening to you, find a new one.

If you need/desire a guide or coach, hire one.

If traditional medicine is not working, seek alternative practitioners.

You can change your life and your narrative. It starts with understanding the problem and then reframing it to change how you think. You can stop getting caught up in your older existing story. You can avoid ruminating on the past, and stop focusing on why you cannot move forward. Assess where you are right now.

Take a deep breath and take that first step because you are here right now.