Postpartum Exercise: Getting Back into Shape

Having a baby is very exciting and rewarding. But, what we all can agree on is the toll it takes on our body can be rather disappointing and certainly deflating. Postpartum exercise can help you to feel happy and strengthen your body. This is why getting back into shape after having a baby can be a great way to boost your mood while looking after a newborn. It isn’t about snapping back, but doing it healthily so that you get all the other benefits. With that in mind, here are some of the suggestions that will keep you on track for when you are ready.       

Postpartum Yoga pose

Image Source – pixabay – cco license


Workout at home

We know, that having a new baby means that time to yourself is extremely limited, and there are so many things to do. All you may be wanting to do is to rest up or enjoy some laidback TV. This is why exercising at home can be a real possible option for new moms. Enabling you to work out on your terms, when you feel like it or simply when you have some time to do it. There are many online class options, for prenatal, postnatal, and regular workout routines. There is something for every ability and theme. You are bound to find something you enjoy at the right level and expertise you are at.

As you start remember to wear a belly binder to support your abdomen and reduce back injury. Then making smart and gradual progress is key to ensuring that you do this in a healthy and sustainable way, while also feeling good in the process. 

Treat yourself to some new workout gear

Often when we look good we feel good and working out isn’t supposed to be some sort of fashion show, having some decent activewear could really lift your spirits. Especially if you are finding a particular session tough. You could consider something colorful like a headband, wear some bright and jazzy workout pants such as American flag leggings and a slogan t-shirt, and instantly you will feel better. You might also want to get some new sneakers, especially if you are doing anything high impact like running or aerobic classes. 


Don’t be too tempted to go on an extreme diet

It can be all too tempting to stop eating carbohydrates, only drink detox juices for weeks at a time, or deny yourself certain foods. But the truth is during this time of your life you need a well-balanced diet. A holistic diet will give your body everything that it needs to function, from making milk to sleep. So instead focus on a healthy balanced diet, similar to your pregnancy one. Give yourself the gift of a small treat here and there. 


Let’s hope these three suggestions help you get back on track.