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Nursing Stations

by | Sep 11, 2017

Nursing Stations

Every mother should set up two nursing stations in her house prior to her delivery. A nursing station is simply a safe comfortable spot for the mother to relax so that she can dedicate as much time as the baby need to nurse.

As each mother and baby have unique needs the list below is only a sample of items that you might want to have at your nursing station:


Items for mom:

Comfortable chair with a nursing stool or a recliner

A Breastfeeding pillow

A full water bottle

Non-perishable snacks

Phone and charger

Nipple ointment (use coupon AFF-URSULA-BYD-20 for 20% off)

TV remote

Breastfeeding book or light reading

chapstick and hand cream

Breast pump and bustier for hands-free pumping (use coupon AFF-URSULA-BYD-20 for 20% off)



Items for baby:

Burp cloths, bibs

Diapers and wipes




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