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Struggling with low self-esteem during pregnancy is not as uncommon as you may think. Many people seem to believe that you should be on top of the world when you’re expecting. The reality is that is not always the case. Everyone seems to know about post-natal depression, but your mood can also be affected a lot when you’re pregnant too. You will have high days and low days, so much so that you may feel on the edge of tears and have no understanding as to why. Your body is going through a huge change. 

As well as the obvious physical effects, the mental effects are just as powerful and life-changing. No matter who you are and how well together you seem, every expectant Mom will battle with her self-esteem and confidence at some point. What you need to know, it that what you are feeling is perfectly normal. In fact, raging mood swings can be seen as a good thing. It means your baby is growing as expected. However, if you are struggling with a constant low mood and self-esteem issues, you may need a little extra help. Here we will look at a few ways to help you boost your self-esteem during pregnancy. 

Focus on the Positive

Although you may not be able to fit into that little black dress anymore, there is far better to focus on than bad. Yes, your body is changing, but it is for the best reason in the world. Also, bodies change as we get older anyway, and there is nothing you can do about that. Your body is doing something truly amazing, creating life. This is an experience every woman should have the right to feel without being hung up on her looks. Also, you may worry about being a bad mother, but remember you were build to be a mother. It is in your DNA. Why not swap those negative thoughts for ones such as how your little one will bring you and your partner closer together. Instead of being a couple, you will have upgraded to a family. Imagine the little chats you will have with your new addition and the moments of pure joy you will have. Honestly, who really cares if you pile on a few pounds and have a few stretch marks. You, that’s it. So, if you can change your mindset, you are on to a winner.  


Keep Active 

Don’t wait until after the birth to start exercising again. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have an exercise regime in place during your pregnancy. That is, of course, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise. You could keep jogging or do a light pilates class, for example, obviously discuss any new or strenuous exercise activities with your doctor first. Anything you do now will help you get back into shape after the baby has come. Not only that, but exercise will help you regulate your mood. So, it is a win-win situation.

See Someone

Maybe you have tried all the self-healing methods under the Sun and are concerned that your constant low mood will affect your baby’s health. If this is the case, you may find it useful to discuss all your worries with licensed psychologists. They can offer you help and support to guide you through your pregnancy. Everyone has a wobble at times, and to be honest, seeing someone is far better than struggling alone.