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Important Things to Keep an Eye On

It is no secret, that after you conceive, your entire body is going to change. Every person in your family probably has told you a thousand stories about what happened to them during their pregnancies. Yes, each and every pregnancy is different, but there are universal things that you should keep an eye on as you prepare to give birth. Here are a few things to keep an eye on during your pregnancy. 



Due to the rise and change in your hormone levels, your eyesight may change during your pregnancy. Keeping your eyes safe is one priority. Wear sunglasses when you go out and make sure that you manage and pay attention to your level of sensitivity when you are out in the light. 

Your eyes may also become very dry when you are pregnant or postpartum, so using eye drops to lubricate your eyes and keep them focused may reduce stress. As with everything during pregnancy, always communicate with your doctor about anything that is occurring. 


Oral care

Taking care of your teeth is also important when you are pregnant. In pregnancy, it is harder for your body to fight the plaque. In addition, your cravings may include more sugary foods or acidic foods which can impact oral care. 

Besides paying attention to your brushing and flossing routine, keeping an appointment with your local dentist also may help prevent tooth and gum disease. Many dental plans include a  professional brushing every three months in pregnancy to address these concerns.  Tell your dentist you are expecting so they can take care of you properly. 



Some swelling in pregnancy is completely normal. It is not uncommon to not be able to wear your rings at the end of your pregnancy or feel like your shoes are too tight. However, swelling can also be an early sign of a complication called preeclampsia.  If you have any questions about swelling, remember to reach out to your providers. They are there to answer your questions.

If your swelling is a normal amount the trick is to keep moving. Going for walks is helpful as is doing some small workouts like yoga and stretching, to get the blood flowing. When in bed or sitting, rotate your ankles and elevate your feet.  Swimming is extremely effective in handling circulation so give one of those a try. 

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