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Signs your Baby is Dropping in Pregnancy

by | Mar 14, 2017

Signs your Baby is Dropping in Pregnancy

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When pregnant, it is not uncommon for the mother to feel overwhelmed or confused by all the information and new sensations that come hand-in-hand with pregnancy.  The concept that ‘dropping’ is bad is one example of misinformation. Yes, many women feel uncomfortable once the baby has dropped and is confused by this new sensation. But overall it is good news!

Dropping, also called engagement, means the baby has entered into the pelvic rim. Sometimes this is also called lightening, as lower in the body, there is a new lightness in the chest allowing the woman to take deeper breaths.  See this is good!

How do you know if your baby has dropped?

Breath deeply and either suddenly or slowly,  you realize there is more lung space and you can once again take full breaths

A frequent need to use the bathroom. It feels as if you have never truly emptied your bladder due to how low the baby is.

Your appetite might increase or you might be able to eat a bit more at meals.

Many women report it feels like a bowling ball is wedged between your legs requiring you to waddle in a penguin way.

Your low back may hurt due to the additional sacral pressure. Simultaneously you may also experience shooting thigh nerve pain as the baby triggers the nerves.

Cramping which usually is directly related to effacement from the baby descending will come and go along with spotting and pressure.


Listen here to this Preggie Pals blog too learn more about ‘dropping’. How your providers measure it. Why it is important. Tips to help the baby engage and rotate.


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