A Balanced Vagina Cleans Itself

When our vaginas have a healthy pH, it discourages the growth of outside organisms and maintains a clean atmosphere pretty well on its own. So, there’s really no need to douche in an effort to clean your vagina.

However, it is important to practice good feminine hygiene, in order to maintain your balanced vaginal ecosystem. Poor hygiene and tight-fitting clothing can cause sweat and bacteria to get trapped, which may cause discomfort and inflammation.

What is a Balanced Vagina?

A healthy vagina has a pH level between 3.8 and 4.5, which falls on the acidic side of the pH scale. This acidic vaginal environment is protective and helps prevent unhealthy bacteria and yeast from multiplying too quickly, which can lead to infection. A higher vaginal pH level (above 4.5) provides the perfect environment for unhealthy bacteria to grow, which puts you at risk for infections and inflammation.

Our Vulvas Still Need Care and Attention

The vulva is what you can see with your eyes when you look down at your pubic area. It’s the term for the external parts of the female anatomy. This includes the labia majora, labia minora, and tip of the clitoris. The only part of the vagina you can see from the outside of your body is the opening.

Washing your vulva is important, but you should be careful about what products you use. Perfumed products (like bar soap and typical personal washes) can irritate the skin inside your vagina, which is even more sensitive than the skin on the outside of your body. But, this doesn’t just apply to soap!

Even something as simple as scented tampons or a heavily scented laundry detergent used on your undies can irritate the vagina. And definitely steer clear of any products that promise to make your vagina smell like a bed of roses. No one’s vagina needs to smell like a bed of roses, and also, no one wants a bacterial infection.

One option we love is Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash. Daily use of a gentle cleanser like Balance is the perfect way to help refresh, eliminate odor, and keep you clean! It has been formulated to accurately match vaginal pH, without putting artificial fragrances, petroleum, and parabens on your body like other feminine hygiene washes.

If you want on-the-go cleansing or feel the need to freshen up but don’t have time for a shower, reach for Rebalance Personal Moisturizing and Cleansing Wipes! Unlike many other feminine wipes, they have no synthetic fragrance which irritates our vaginas and skin. These are great to take to the gym, the beach, on a hike, or  Like Balance Wash, Rebalance Wipes are formulated to closely replicate the healthiest vaginal conditions to support your natural vaginal ecosystem.

If you need some extra help getting balanced, try Restore Moisturizing Vaginal Gel! Restore mimics the vagina’s natural healthy state with perfectly calibrated pH levels, salt balance, and the same type of beneficial lactic acid produced by healthy vaginal bacteria.

Tips to Keep Your Vagina Balanced and Clean

  • Try to wear cotton undies, as cotton is the most breathable material you can cover your vagina with
  • Get out of sweaty or wet clothes as soon as possible
  • Go commando at night if you can
  • Make sure you’re changing your tampon regularly (every 4-8 hours)
  • Don’t use any artificial or synthetic fragrance near or in your vagina
  • Always pee after sex
  • Wipe front to back
  • Never douche
  • Choose pads and tampons that are organic, unscented, and unbleached
  • Choose an organic lubricant like Almost Naked
  • Eat yogurt that has probiotics or use a vaginal probiotic supplement like BiopHresh

By Good Clean Love Staff

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