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Not lactating? No Problem!

by | Oct 2, 2017

Not lactating? No Problem!

Sometimes as the non-lactating partner in a relationship, it can be hard to feel included in the breastfeeding process.  Even if you aren’t lactating, you can still help support both your partner and your child.

Step up.  Don’t assume she is doing ok or that she doesn’t want or need your support.  As her partner, you are her anchor and she needs you more now than ever.  She wants you by her side, encouraging her verbally, supporting her with snacks and fluids, and giving her breaks when possible.

Advocate for the family’s choices. Although science supports breastfeeding as the best choice for the majority of babies, friends and family may have strong feelings otherwise. Pressure from our loved ones, can wear away at the desire to breastfed especially when facing challenges like plugged ducts, sore ripples, and mastitis.  Your support is instrumental in a successful breastfeeding experience.

Skin-to-Skin bonding and co-sleeping with the baby are not just for the lactating partner.  Babies enjoy skin and touch and welcome any opportunity to snuggle.

Learn infant massage. Infant massage is the perfect conclusion to bath time as well as a phenomenal way to comfort your child.  I like to encourage the partners to become infant massage experts.  It is an ideal way to learn about your child, comfort them, and bond with them.

Ohana Wellness teaches infant massage.

Do support work. Babies bond and learn how to feel safe throughout the entire day.  It can be fun and rewarding to burp and change a baby.  Diaper changing can become a wonderful special play time with ‘peak-a-boo’ and ‘this little piggy’.

Reduce home stress. Sometimes this is as simple as doing a few extra chores, hiring a house cleaner, or calling for support.  But even more simply, listening and asking her what she needs will make her feel cared about and supported.


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